Potato Head Beach Club

      Created : 11 October 2017

    Potato Head is an Indonesian lifestyle hospitality brand expressed through a collective of dynamic dining and drinking venues in Jakarta, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong. This beach club is one of the most happening chill-out venues in Seminyak, joining the array of world-class hotspots that line this upscale, cosmopolitan coastal village. Designed by ‘cinematic’ architect Andra Matin, the signature structures and main venue resembles a stadium or coliseum, and the thin curved path into the beach club even makes you feel like a gladiator entering battle. The beachfront bar and flat 500sqm lawn flanked by an infinity pool is all within the grounds of this delightful 'amphitheatre'. 

    At scheduled events, international DJs and celebrities take the stage in front of an ocean backdrop, while lively crowds gather over the central lawn. Among those who have graced the agenda are Mark Ronson, Foster the People and Fat Boy Slim. Potato Head Beach Club is also the regular host for the Ultra Beach Bali EDM festival. Occasional bar tables and setups are arranged around the infinity pool. There’s even a small pool for kids too, so it’s a great escape for weekending families. A few steps down from the pool, you hit the sandy coast. 

    The main Potato Head bar and bistro serves pastas and grills together with a selection of cocktails. At front is a neat boutique called Eleven, decorated with retro motorbikes and curious fixtures, featuring a range of select tropical, resort and beach wear labels. Among these include Clover Canyon, Dannika Zen, Emmelyn, Dr Martens and the kids’ wear line Cereal Nation. There’s even a selection of quality jewellery that you can’t find elsewhere, such as Venessa Arizaga designed stone studded necklaces. 

    On the first floor of the club there will be Kaum (formerly Lilin), which offers a more laid-back option serving home cooked styled Indonesian cuisine. On the upper floor there was Tapping Shoes, a restaurant that combines its founders’ passion in arts, good food and fine wines. The fine-dining restaurant served French cuisine prepared by a talented Japanese chef, but now is slated to serve as an extension floor to Kaum.

    Dream Museum Zone

      Created : 11 October 2017

    A perfect 3D museum or a house of Illusion art which has started in Korea and currently the important piece of attraction in Bali is Dream Museum Zone. The museum is located on Jalan Nakula, right off the junction of Jalan Dewi Sri and Kuta’s Sunset Road, and just down the street from the TS Suites in Seminyak. Open from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days with entry fee: USD 10 is the entry fee per person. The numerous trick arts appear in the museum make its fame glitter. At the entrance itself you can experience the mind-blowing illusion trickery and as you enter the interiors you will be bewitched to see the labyrinth of an Egyptian pyramid.

    Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali is a fun and interactive art gallery featuring a vast collection of three-dimensional, life-size murals for visitors to pose and play with. The gallery features a rich array of masterfully painted artworks that each serves as interactive backdrops for illusory three-dimensional photography. There are an impressive total of 120 unique artworks in 14 different categories spread over three levels, which provide a full-day of discovery and creativity. 

    You will be taken to immerse into the world of imagination and then you will be lead to witness a never expected scenario. Places from Venice to Egypt to the Amazon you will come across and you will unknowingly pose for the best shots of your life. There are 120 art pieces created by renowned illusion artists belong to Korea.

    Among the attractions, Renaissance and Luminescence pavilions steal the hearts of anyone visiting here. The Renaissance pavilion has a lot of parodies of famous paintings. Mona Lisa carrying a fruit basket or Van Gogh standing with shaving foam or different animal themes paintings are all making the interior quite amusing. You are free to pose as you are really in these places or situations as the 3-dimensional illusion art makes everything look like alive.

    Seminyak Beach

      Created : 11 October 2017

    Popularly known as one of the most fashionable beach destinations and definitely one of the most upscale areas. Seminyak beach is a beautiful white sandy beach situated in North of Legian beach. Seminyak Beach itself offering its splendid coast of gold to dark sand and gorgeous sunsets. Seminyak Beach is favored by the great wave that is ideally for surfing adventures hence many surfers visit this beach to conquer the waves and enjoy the surf adventures. 

    Seminyak Beach is one of Bali’s top destinations for an exclusive beach holiday and you will find here young and old, families with children, together with couples and singles. The clear water, the fine sand and the lifeguards on duty make this beach perfect for a swimming holiday. In addition, the many beach clubs here give the beach a certain flair and here you can enjoy reasonably priced delicious food and drink in a nice atmosphere.

    This beach is also featured by beautiful panorama to the Indian Ocean, the wide white sand, complete public facilities, the word class hotels, international restaurant and more. If you like to horse riding, you can do it here for 2 hour, quiet horses and ponies foe every rider and professionals guide to escort you. Pass Seminyak beach until Canggu beach. 

    However, the coast has over the recent years become popular with resident expats and now has a refined feel to it. Here you’ll find a fashionable almost chic scene, with rows of designer boutiques along its main roads and side streets; a handful of the island’s best dining venues, and world-renowned nightlife and entertainment spots that host international gigs. The best way to get to Seminyak is by car although you will get stuck in congested traffic. A prepaid taxi from the airport to Seminyak costs a fixed Rp 60,000.

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